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we're on drugs (or sparks)

just an observation: i think the ending to "thirty helens agree" by morning theft might be my favorite and best ending to a song since interpol's "pda." Download it here. regardless, the band rocked Rothko last night, and I especially liked the lead in of "keep it like a secret" followed by "helens." If you somehow managed to miss this show, make sure you come see them on the 12th @ Luna Lounge with everyone's favorite brit-pop second coming The GoStation. Rob is even going to put everyone on the guest list, isn't he a nice guy?

and hey, I like Pitty Sing! Radio Lady-o? Genius!?

what else happened? I drank sparks, I got hyper, I met boys from Scotland who are in a band (of course they are in a fucking band) and they want us to book them shows in NYC. anyone want to book hot scots? It's a work in progress. Nicole lost her car, San Loco closed too early, Alex Malfunction spun great songs, and I gave out hair advice and planned a concert months in advance. Good Wednesday, I'd say.

In other news:
- read Peter's great review, essentially a much deserved critique of everyone favorite self absorbed frontman Diego of Elefant. sure we all love the "softball toss" but... well you'll get the idea, go read it.

- Cityzen is launching a new design next month, and after checking out a sneak preview it looks GREAT. Craig and his staff work their asses off. Big thanks to them for plugging the party on Friday too.

- I forgot to say anything about the Dutch Kills show @ Southpaw last Friday. WELL it was GREAT. Southpaw has been kind of hit or miss for the band, but they really nailed it. Unfortunately, Saintface was a big disappointment. They started playing and Mark from DK came up to me and goes "Hey Nora, look, Morrissey is on the stage!" Sure enough, the lead singer had Moz's moves and sound down pat, but after three songs or so it got really really tired. Oh well.

rip rick james

good day, bad feeling