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no i'm british sea power

British Sea Power = Best Concert So Far This Year. I mean... there were trees! And cute brits! And a bird! And people on other people's shoulders, breaking drumsets over their heads and playing guitar at the same time!?!?!?!?!

OH, and the music kicked ass too! We couldn't decide if they were on meth, or possibly were all idiot savants or WHAT, but they were craaaazy boys.

I was so overwhelmed. And sober, despite a few drinks from Sgt. Fun. Sgt Fun and I went with Lucas and Angela for chinese food and it took TWO HOURS to be served, at which point we were all ravenous and I was going to start hurling my chop sticks at people. The worst part was that we had to share a table with this family who were seated at the same time we were and ordered WITH us and got their food at least half an hour before us, so we had to WATCH them eat. Not to mention that for three of them they ordered enough food to feed a small army.

It did give us enough time to explain The Dengler to Kasey, who was so excited about it she started talking about making laminates and t-shirts and myspace profiles. And then we walked over to Bowery whilst talking about our Joy Division cover band, and lo and behold, there was the subject of our coverband himself, with The (wannabe) Hive. It was a pretty chill crowd though, and we had a very good time. Mark Paone was even there, so I could gush more to him about how much I loved his birthday present of two tickets for me to take whomever I want to see BRMC/The Rapture. Mark is the coolest 44 year old on earth. I wish he could adopt me.

Sgt. Fun took us to 151, but I only had one drink and then bailed to come home and be lame and spent quality time with... my cats.