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Coooooome on down to the M1-5 Bar on Thursday,
January 29, 2004 at 8pm and meet some of our
models and the ladies that put the magazine
together. No cover, live DJ, door prizes!
52 Walker St
New York, NY 10013
Phone: (212) 965-1701

What is Sweet Action™?
Sweet Action is a porn magazine for women who
love men. It features pornography in a non-
stereotypical way, providing a forum for women
that, in our opinion, currently does not exist.
Sweet Action wants to eliminate the notion that
women are physically more visually stimulating
than men, and that women don't want to see naked

We hope to focus on REAL men with REAL
personalities, fantasies, and bodies. You won't
see oversculpted, shaved, "fluid-drenched studs".
You WILL see hot, sweet cuties who look more
like "the guy next door". Don't be shy because
there will be some full frontal nudity (oh MY!)

Today’s Sweet Action sexy guy is the one sitting
across from you on the subway who is so hot you
can’t even look at him... He's the guy at work
who makes you laugh so hard that you can’t wait
to get to work everyday... He's the one you want
to get to know but are too shy to approach. They
are all Sweet Action guys -- the regular,
beautiful ones all around us. Best of all, Sweet
Action guys love us.

Ahem… oh yes, we also have literary content:
Sweet Action is NOT the magazine you read for
beauty tips, cooking advice, or the ever-present
dilemma of "How To Keep Your Man". Sweet Action
is the official guide for the boy-crazy gal.
Contributors include men and women (although male
contributors are encouraged to submit nude

A Sweet Action woman does not want to read
another article on "How To Please Her Man". She
would rather read an article on how to please
herself AND her man. Our goal is to hear this
proclamation, "I read Sweet Action for the
articles!" We want the reader to feel informed,
sexy and happy after reading Sweet Action.

This Issue:
This upcoming issue features 44 full-color,
glossy pages of photos, interviews with Eugene
Hutz of the band Gogol Bordello and Seen from the
movie Style Wars, and other surprises. We're
starting out small but don't let size distract
you. It's the quality that counts (every girl
knows THAT!) We have a link on the FAQ's page
where you can pre-order your issue or find it at
your local outlet for about $8. We hope to have
it to you by Jan 1st 2004!.

Spread the word because once you get Sweet
Action™ you never go back.