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Last night, when I spent two hours at the Virgin Megastore when I could have been eating Thai food (boo), I went to one of the listening stations and had a sampling of the new Phantom Planet album.

Whoaaah. I mean, quite honestly, is this even the same band that produced the nausea enducing turned OC theme song "California"? All I'm saying is that change is GOOD and I can't wait to go and buy the album tomorrow so I can listen to the rest of it. I've also fallen in love with my New Pornographers cd which I haven't listened to in forever. I think I only bought it because I was at Virgin with my father over the summer and he was like "ho hum i'll buy you a cd if you want" and that's what I grabbed. And he of course said "Pornographers eh? You kids today."

Gotta love Dad. Anyways, check out "blown speakers"... sooo good.