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Everybody wants to go to Hollywood...

So have the opportunity to be a celeb escort @ the Grammy Awards, except they are in LA this year and so I need 1. a plane ticket and 2. someone to stay with in LA for two days or so. They aren't going to pay me, but I would actually get to go TO the Grammy Awards and then the Clive Davis afterparty.


Also, for those of you IN LA already and perhaps in a band...

I'm helping cast bands for Michel and Olivier Gondry's music video for The Vines. If you are interested in having your band in the video, or know of anyone who might be interested, please let me know ASAP. hey, you will be seen by record industry people.

Here are the details...

we want you to do it for the fun of it but you will not work for free!

Casting mid January
Video shoots end of January
Looking for all types of bands (Must have 3-5 members) Combination of guitars, bass, drums, singers
Must be able to learn a VINES song
Must have own instruments
Must be at least 18 years old and legal to work in this country.
Please email
or call
(323) 817-7480 for more info.

Thanks, Roz


cool huh. Gotta get crackin on this Grammy thing... or maaaaybe I should do my laundry.