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MAGIC EYE VIDEO from Young Rival! Rad!

Do you guys remember MAGIC EYE (that of 90s cultural infamy)? No? Well Magic Eye basically was pixely images that when you looked at them in a certain magical way showed you exciting "hidden" images like hearts or sail boats. REALLY COOL (ish). 

I've actually been talking about Magic Eye "a lot" recently on my weekly internet radio show on because my fellow DJ colleague Nick of Yesterdaysdreams and I have challenged each other to some sort of ultimate magic eye showdown. Because our eyes are extra magical to the point where it warrents some sort of "spot the sailboat in the pixels" duel to the DEATH (or a cash prize, value TBD). More on this epic battle tbd!

Anyways, this longwinded story all leads to this: today I received an email from one of my favorite canadian bands who do not tour the US nearly often enough, Young Rival, annoucing that *drumroll please* they have just released a new video for their song "Black Is Good" whcih is the FIRST EVER optical illusion sterogram video ever (that, apparently, is the fancy way of saying magic eye)!

The caveat here is that you need to make sure you are streaming it in 1080p HD for the illusion to work - OR just have magical eyes like I do. Check it out below and you can visit here for background on how it works and see alternative versions too! 



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