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Peace Out 2013

goodbye 2013

2013. What a year. New job, a big wedding (not mine), and an even bigger adventure to a new city. Friends bid farewell to (but who still feel closer than ever), and making new friends in new homes. Hearts broken and hearts filled. Music that drove me to tears and music that drove me to get up and move forward when nothing else could. It was a great year because of it all and in spite of it all. 

There is so much promise in the things we can accomplish in 365 days of our lives and yet still lists of things that we somehow never got around to (yoga, quitting bad habits, being kinder to others - and ourselves). The good news is that a whole new year starts tomorrow, where all of those undone things are entirely possible plus so much more that we can never even imagine.

Thanks for reading - I'll see you next year!

- Nora 


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Brooklyn's Snowmine announce new album DIALECTS

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