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A New Version of Me

This year was a bit of a game changer for me in a lot of ways. New job, new living situation, and fairly significantly, a new way to listen to and consume music. Spotify is great and I'm a big fan, but it has also somehow makes a Year End Album list... difficult to compile.

I really didn't listen to a TON of albums in full this year, but did discover a lot of new artists that I love so I suppose it's a bit of a toss up. Maybe the more significant problem is that, unlike previous years, there just wasn't an album that really really grabbed a hold of me and took me places. Even artists who have made this list in previous years and for whom I have served up endless praise... their new releases left me feeling distant. It just didn't really happen this year for me even though so much new music was released. Maybe my heart wasn't in it? Not sure.

That said... my list is below, and there isn't much more to say. A big part of me feels that this blog has run its course over 10 years since its inception a whole lot has changed and honestly all for the better. While I sometimes miss the days of galvanting around the Lower East Side music haunts thirsting for the best new bands and a vodka open bar, that isn't really what my life looks like at all anymore. Most bloggers I know have already departed the digital scene or replaced their music blogs with different and more grown-up virtual incarnations.

I have a tumblr account over here that I plan on updating more. I will also likely transform I Rock I Roll into more of a lifestyle blog soon enough, to reflect my new interests and passions. Don't get me wrong, I still love music and will probably throw the occasional CMJ showcase and will still be tweeting up a storm, but I think this outlet has outgrown me. Or I've outgrown it. There will be a new version though and it will look like awesome. Of course.

Either way... it has been a grand journey indeed.

New Music from The Changes!

Hawaii: Part II is here, from the marvelous mind of Tally Hall's Joe Hawley