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WHAT BLOG CMJ 2012: I Rock I Roll, Battering Room & Hilly Town Present

Oh CMJ, it is the time of year for you again. While as an overall experience you certainly seem to have lost some of your lustre in recent years, you still stand as a nice week every fall where we see our old friends, where week-day drinking is totally acceptable (particularly in the form of Piano's liver enemy #1 margaritas), where a small handful of bands find the recognition they deserve and where - come Sunday - exhaustion reigns supreme.

This year I once again teamed by with my friends at Battering Room and Hilly Town to put together what I think is a pretty swell line-up of up-and-comers. And of course this party is free, during the day, and at the hands down most convenient of convenient venues - Pianos (aka margaritaville).


Here's some music from the bands playing to get you excited:

You Won't - "Who Knew" video & CMJ

Milagres - Glowing Mouth video.......!?!?!?!