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the irockiroll valentines mix 2011

hi all. first an adorbs story: my current beau and i met because he made me a mix tape. yes, on an actual cassette tape, and entirely from vinyl. and mailed it to me. i can't think of much that is more romantic than that (although... he did clean my kitchen once for no reason because he was bored.. that was actually far awesomer).

and so, in the spirit of mixtape romance, here's a little Valentines day sweetness. tomorrow I will probably post some "fuck you valentines" goodness, per the usual.

You can download the whole mix here, or below are the individual tracks (in a recommended ordering).

Savoir Adore - Loveliest Creature

Paul & the Patients - The Way That You Are

Dum Dum Girls - Yours Alone

Fyfe Dangerfield - When You Walk In The Room

Cee-lo Green - No One's Gonna Love You (Band Of Horses cover)

Tennis - Take Me Somewhere

Glasvegas - The World Is Yours

Adele - Lovesong (the Cure cover)

The Depreciation Guild - Dream About Me

The Duke Spirit - You Really Wake Up The Love In Me

Wakey!Wakey! - Dance So Good

MillionYoung - Perfect Eyes

The Stone Roses - Ten Story Love Song

Ravens & Chimes - Hearts Of Palm

NONCERTS come to Brooklyn

Yellow Ostrich - Tonight @ Pianos