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RRrraarr it's Dinosaur Feathers

Last night we went over to Bruar Falls for the first time (although technically it used to be The Lucky Cat and had the exact same set up + mojitos) to check out The Answering Machine (who were up-beat and fun and basically the exact same thing as most of what has come out of Manchester in the recent past). What I wanted to point out, however, is actually how much I enjoyed beachy indie rockers Dinosaur Feathers. They are about to kick off a 3 week residency at Cameo, featuring a lot of other local Brooklyn talent that are worth checking out (including pow!wow! and Coyote Eyes).

Dates and info below, and of course some tunes.

Dinosaur Feathers - Early Morning Risers

Dinosaur Feathers - Parallel July

Miracles Of Modern Science (MOMS) at Glasslands 11/12

The Mary Onettes