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Screaming Lights!

I found this band through my lovely friend Sam, who is currently studying abroad in London and writes this hilarious blog with her friend James, who is studying abroad in Buenos Aires. I've always been partial (to say the least) to British bands, so I'm pretty excited to be tuned in to all of Sam's new discoveries while she is drinking cider and living it up in the UK.

This band, Screaming Lights, hails from Liverpool and reminds me a bit of Editors although not as gloomy, and they have toured as openers for Mystery Jets and played with my faves, Late Of The Pier. Also, the start of the track I'm about to post totally starts off sounding like it's some techno club track but IT IS NOT. Just wait for it... it gets pretty epic.

Screaming Lights - GMN

Their debut album should be out this year.

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