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First New Wrens Song in 10 YEARS!!!!

The Wrens. Oh god... this band. I love them. In all seriousness, I have a google alert set up for "the wrens," which means i know far more about that bird species than anyone who is writing a music blog really needs to know. But I have been waiting and waiting and waiting - as have ALL of their fans - for the band to put out some new material. And tonight my inbox bliped or ding-ed or whatever it does and there i was... a totally psyched press release from Absolutely Kosher answering my wrens-related prayers and telling me that the band is releasing their first recording as a band IN TEN YEARS.

and even crazier is that this song was basically put together and recorded ON THE SPOT at the legendary ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS.

you can read all about the new single, "Pulled Fences" and the story of how this track came together (and buy it!) right over here.

the end of the email says:
The album is schedule for release in late spring. And by "scheduled," we mean...fingers crossed.
fingers most def. crossed here... (and there is something on their website about "eyeballing" SXSW 2009 for a live performance.... yay!)

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