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new birdmonster - now with more hand claps!

I went to see San Francisco band Birdmonster at Mercury Lounge for a "private show"... probably about a month ago now. Yeah, I'm a little behind here. Anywho...the band spent the majority of their set playing all of the new songs from their upcoming second full length album entitled From the Mountain To the Sea which is out 08/05 digitally and 09/02 physically on FADER Label.

One thing that immediately struck me at the show -- it seems as though Birdmonster have mellowed out a bit, but in a good way (at least as far as I can tell). They have out grown a lot of the manic teenager frenzy that their debut highlighted, and have settled into a bit more of an "adult" place in their music making. Now instead of doing it "cause he can," singer Peter is doing it because he's "born to be your man." All together now: "Awwww..."

Nevertheless -- is this song just a bit too mainstream sounding to anyone else? It's just so simple that I feel like I've totally heard this all before. Then again it's just a first single, and from what I heard at Mercury Lounge this album should have a lot more to offer than may be indicated on this first track. I like the hand claps though... obviously.

Birdmonster - Born to Be Your Man

(i love this) Television Room