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stella parties

Sorry I haven't been blogging a lot recently. Don't worry, I didn't die (although I DID go camping... but was not eaten by bears), I've just been really busy with my awesome new job and trying (mostly in vain) to get more sleep.

Anyways, the big news is that this is going on tonight and you should go:

h a r m o n i e s f o r t h e h a u n t e d

(release party!)

tuesday, september 6
the cabana in the maritime hotel
w. 17th street and 9th avenue, nyc
8 pm - 12 am

there is complimentary vodka from 8-9pm (early!) and great djs including James Iha (is he a stellastarr* fan? hmm... kind of random) and the lovely Melody Nelson who has returned from Paris!

rsvp here for free admission

see you there!

Stellastarr - Lost In Time

ALSO, it was Nicola's birthday yesterday, so wish her a happy one! And if you see her out tonight, buy her a shot. Or two. Or ten.

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