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i need a hiro (that is peter's line, not mine. swear)

Hi! I'm djing tonight @ Hiro. SO MUCH FUN. I'm djing with Peter, he's the Husky Gentleman who is totes awesome. We are on from 1:30 on so come and party would ya? Before that, go see The Upwelling @ Southpaw or something. Below is a picture of their new lineup. I personally think they all look related now. Maybe that's just me.

info for tonight:

This Wednesday June 8, Cheeky Bastard and Filter Magazine presents Coldplay X&Y Record Release event.
Hear the entire album, giveaways including rare posters and more.

James F**king Friedman (Output Recordings / Refuse!), Husky Gentleman (Spin) and Nora K (On The Pull) is taking to the decks, joining Nick Marc (Tiswas), to give us another night of dance-rock and new wave.

Hosted by Tom & Alejandro and Dagny

To be placed on the Cheeky guestlist for complimentary admission, email: with your name and number of guests you are bringing.

Door by Thomas (Motherf**ker / MisSHAPES)

Doors open 10pm.

Hiro:16 St. and 9 Ave. in the Maritime Hotel

two great shows tonight

i totally knew all the words to "informer!" ok... no i didn't.