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Hi! Thanks to everyone who came out to Lit on Tuesday... that was completely insane. I got way less sleep than a person starting a new job the next day should have but had a lot of fun playing tunes, including tracks from Editors, Tom Vek (everyone loves this guy, Justine spun "I Ain't Saying My Goodbyes" - which you can download here - and the basement went nuts for it), and Diamond Nights "The Girls Attractive." The song was featured on Alias last week to my amusement and the band is playing at Shout! this Sunday, which also features the Poplife! DJs and 1/2 priced drinks from 10-12. Awesome.

They have been getting some amazing guest DJs at Hiro lately, and next week should be no exception with Martin Gore of Depeche Mode on the decks. You actually can buy advanced tickets for this also. Hmm.. they never do that when Peter and I dj there...

Speaking of DJs... do you like mash ups a whole lot? You get get a friggin ton of them here (thanks BrooklynVegan). Personally I only really like about a quarter of all the mash ups that come out (New Order vs Kylie is still my personal favorite). Let me know if you find anything really worth downloading in there.

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