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pledge allegiance to louis xiv

So as I'm sure you've gathered by now, I went to see Louis XIV play at Sin-e on Tuesday night. The room was packed to capacity (the way it was when Audrey and Jasper did the Vicious! party there) which was fine with me considering how insanely freezing it was outside. After a short wait, the band took the stage, and immediately the only word that popped into my brain was "sex." Louis XIV IS sex. From their sexy songs about milkshakes and lovers and kit kats to their super styled glitter and tight pants, this band worked everyone in the into a frenzy. They're dirty, they're glam, and kind of pervy too. Maybe "cheeky" is the word. Hottt.

I'll admit that most of the songs - especially the vocals - were not as polished with their live performance as they are on the "Illegal Tender EP" or their forthcoming album on Atlantic, "The Best Little Secrets Are Kept," but that wasn't really a bad thing at all and the whole thing was just hottt. I wished they played "Illegal Tender" and "Hey Teacher" however, because the set just flew by and I was dying to hear those songs live. The more I listen to their album the more delicious I think this band is.


Louis XIV - Pledge of Allegiance

Louis XIV - Illegal Tender

They are playing Bowery Ballroom on April 26th.

happy birthday for my ears

you don't have to go to the pool...