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no matter which way you go

Last night we went to the SPIN offices to see Tegan and Sara, twin canadian lesbian awesome folk-pop. Armed with acoustic guitars and very little backup otherwise, these two girls with their startling and unique voices and catchy songs held the jam packed room captive for a great half an hour set. The highlights, aside from their performance of their brilliant new single "Walking With A Ghost", was the hilarious banter between the two when they weren't performing.

A little bickering and love went back and forth, making me feel sort of homesick for my OWN sister while I watched them. However, I think that if she and I set off on a tour and were around each other 24/7 we would probably kill each other. Thankfully that hasn't happened to Tegan and Sara, and last night they earned at least one new fan.

Tegan and Sara - Walking With A Ghost (from their album So Jealous)

she made that!

c'oma c'oma c'mon.