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hey boy, you're a rockstar now

Listening to KEXP at work has some excellent advantages, like finding out that The Futureheads will be live in their studios at noon today (that's noon in Washington I think so um... someone who isn't time zone challenged please tell me what time that is here... 3?). Free hot chocolate also rules.

And while we are on the topic of "things that rule," let's talk about The Upwelling show at Mercury Lounge on Saturday, where these three boys rocked a packed room (especially a very enthusiastic from three rows) with their nothing short of mesmerizing complex wall of sound. I know that I heaped praise on them the last time I saw them, but this was even an improvement on that show, also at Mercury a few months ago. The new material that they played, including the rollicking "Annie on the Rooftop", was as fantastic as crowd favorite (or at least Stu's favorite) and closer "American Night." Personally, I'm sticking with "Diamond Ring" as the song I'd like to have on repeat while I dance around my apartment in my underwear to while no one is watching. Anyone have a recording of this for me? Help a girl out.

And while we're (sort of) on the topic of "underwear," perhaps the highlight of this show had to be when some crazy Upwelling fan threw a bright purple thong on the stage. Nothing says rockstar more than some victoria secret panties flying in your lead singer's face mid-set. Way to go guys.

PS: I swear they weren't mine!

work might kill me today, but this kind of makes it all better....

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