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greetings from the other continent

thursday nights = exciting. here's a franz there's a franz. more later.
friday nights = boring!
saturday night = best ever...?

tonight go see .Morning Theft. at Tiswas. It's a celebration of NYC and if you email you can get in for 5 dollars apparently. it's worth it to see Rob's new haircut alone. they play early too.

afterwards if you are feeling brave and somewhat enjoy getting your foot stepped on and drinks spilled on you by numerous people, see if you want to brave Misshapes to see Jarvis Cocker make the hip people dance. i would suggest getting early because there will probably be a line to get in, line for the bar, and don't even get me started on the bathroom line. just try to sweat off all the drinks by dancing a whole lot.

"I am very J. Crew."

lucky little bastards