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80s/90s TV takes over my so-called life

So while reading about the Who's The Boss Season One DVD (yawn) on Whatevs, I caught him mention that you can actually get Punky Brewster Season 1 on DVD and the 80s child in me let out a little shriek of joy. I LOVED this show when it was on, and despite what little of it I remember, no one ever forgets that episode where her friend got stuck in that freezer in the backyard and they had to do CPR on her. Then I noticed that you can also get all four seasons of Saved By The Bell. Good lord. Now that I'm tivo-ing all the episodes of My So-Called Life that they are showing on the N network (which is a great network for kids/preteens/teens in my opinion), I am getting strangely nostalgic for old TV shows from my childhood (I tivo the Cosby show also, because I am a dork like that).

I want to know when are they going to bring the ORIGINAL Degrassi Junior High to DVD? You know you want it, so where the fuck is it? Although you can throw down 200 dollars for the entire series on VHS...

So best.

congrats are in order!