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Got this in my email box today from the Luna Lounge mailing list. So not cool.... read on:

January 30, 2004 -- BAR and nightclub owners are in an uproar over a
proposal that would require a "nightlife license" to stay openafter 1
a.m.City Consumer Affairs Commissioner Gretchen Dykstra is pushing a plan
that would require a special two-year license for any nightspot with
acapacity of 75 or more where the music would be 90 decibels or higher. A place
would be padlocked for up to 10 days after three noise or other license
violations, and would have its license revoked if it was "indicted"
for any two of the following: homicide, assault, rape orattempted
rape,weapons possession, unlicensed sale of liquor, sale of liquor
tominors, overcapacity, disabled sprinkler systems or two Consumer
Affairs padlocks. Nightspots would also be slapped with violations for failing
tosweep the sidewalk and 18 inches of adjacent street by 6 a.m. the
next morning. David Rabin, president of the New York Nightlife Assn. and
co-owner of Lotus, says Dykstra's plan would let the city effectively
shut bars and nightclubs down at 1 a.m. "This bill will end up closing New
York at 1 a.m.," Rabin warned. "It's no longer going to be the city that
never sleeps. We're united on this - everyone from the little bars to the
biggest nightclubs. The best-run bar in the entire universe could not stay open
under the conditions in this proposal."

Please take a moment and go to the link below and send Gretchen Dykstra
a message in regard to this issue:

On behalf of the bands and all the musicians and Luna Lounge, we thank you
very much.