Heaven - It's Not Enough

While the blog-o-sphere has it's proverbial panties in a bunch when it comes to the long delayed and mucho anticipated new Chromatics album - welp at least band leader Johnny Jewel is keeping busy though perhaps not on the output fans were hoping for! But HEY. HEY. HEYYYY THIS NEW BAND/SONG by a quartet called Heaven that Jewel produced is pretty rad if you ask me and has Jewel's dreamy stamp of approval all over it. They're signed to Italians Do It Better and have an LP forthcoming. 

Dream Wife: Somebodies nearing a break-through

I had the fortune of catching the brilliant trio that is Dream Wife when they opened for the Kills on a string of recent post-SXSW west coast gigs. By the end of the UK band's rawkus and riveting set I was hooked - proclaiming them as one of the best opening acts I had ever seen and given their talent "opener" won't be a role they will be playing for all that much longer. 

Here's their latest video for single 'Somebody,' an anthem for any and every female who has ever felt treated as less than. 

About This: Poliça collab with Spank Rock

image by Jonathan Weiner

Burn the house down because this collab track from synthpop rockers Poliça and Spank Rock is FIIIIIIIRE. Currently playing on constant repeat and praying this may go in the direction of a "Big Grams" style partnership because that would clearly be sick in the best of ways. Definitely getting dark electro mixed with RTJ type vibes here. “Still Counts," is part of Poliça’s double A-side 7” release Lipstick Stains / Still Counts, coming out via Memphis Industries for Record Store Day. YASSSSSSSS, this is one worth waiting in line for.

Radiohead: The Numbers (video)

Last night while I was supposed to be updating slides on a 2017 planning deck for work, my boyfriend and I naturally found ourselves instead glued to a grainy Periscope stream from Radiohead's second Mexico City concert, singing along a bit teary eyed as the band played "Fake Plastic Trees" live for the second night in a row - the first time(s) in over 5 years. To say we love the band is a grand understatement and we vowed immediately to plan our vacations next year around their rumored/semi confirmed tour plans. Way to route my life, Radiohead. 

Today the band unveiled this beautiful video for a track off of their latest album A Moon Shaped Pool. The video, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and shot in California, features just Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood playing the track outdoors alongside a drum machine. It's simplistic perfection. Thanks Radiohead for making my Wednesday a little less "Wednesday-ish."