Radiohead: The Numbers (video)

Last night while I was supposed to be updating slides on a 2017 planning deck for work, my boyfriend and I naturally found ourselves instead glued to a grainy Periscope stream from Radiohead's second Mexico City concert, singing along a bit teary eyed as the band played "Fake Plastic Trees" live for the second night in a row - the first time(s) in over 5 years. To say we love the band is a grand understatement and we vowed immediately to plan our vacations next year around their rumored/semi confirmed tour plans. Way to route my life, Radiohead. 

Today the band unveiled this beautiful video for a track off of their latest album A Moon Shaped Pool. The video, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and shot in California, features just Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood playing the track outdoors alongside a drum machine. It's simplistic perfection. Thanks Radiohead for making my Wednesday a little less "Wednesday-ish."