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Darwin Deez Dance Party

There isn't much better than a live show where everyone has a REALLY REALLY great time, and that was definitely the case last week at Mercury Lounge where lo-fi indie pop hero Darwin Deez took the stage with his band for a homecoming close-out to their National tour.

It has been an interesting ride this year for Darwin Deez, as the well-deserved buzzy buzz coming off his single releases and subsequent self-titled debut album in the UK has finally drifted its way back across the pond - Mercury Lounge marked his first sold out NYC show ever.

Whether he's aware of being seemingly on the precipice of "blowing up" was hard to gather and of no consequence really anyways, as the band delivered a crazy boisterous set last Wednesday, highlighted by numerous between set dance breaks performed buy Darwin and the entire band in full choreography. I mean whoa:

You get the idea. That's basically the way I *think* that I dance when I drink a lot of Four Loko, while in actuality... yeah. But seriously, I haven't felt that kind of energy in a room in a while, it was almost like if everyone at Mercury Lounge went out after the show and partied together, we would have been at the most fun party of all time. Positive vibes are infectious, and Darwin Deez has them in spades.

Darwin Deez - Bad Day

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