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French Kicks - Abandon Video

Although this song came out approximately 238579293857235 months ago (I mean srsly, I first blogged the song over a year ago!), now it finally has a video to go with it, which makes me happy. Have I ever mentioned how much I heart French Kicks. I used to get outreached to all the time about them too and now nada? What happened? Have I been "abandoned" (haha)? HELLOOooooo?

Anyways, my Chicago friends should go see them at Schubas tomorrow night! xo

French Kicks "Abandon" from THE FEAR on Vimeo.

French Kicks - Trouble (from the Covers EP that they released... sometime recently?)

After The Jump + Deli Mag = THE BEST OF NYC (forrealz)!!! 3 shows! OMG!

Skybox - In A Dream