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my underage thinking

My friends like to make fun of me for liking younger guys. And while I swear I'm not hanging out around NYU dorms (anymore), as someone who works in the music industry it just seems like everyone gets totally worked up and excited about how YOUNG someone is, especially if they are talented.

The other day I got to check out a showcase for Paolo Nutini, who is basically a younger (read: 18 years old) Julian Casablancas clone from the UK who has a pretty amazingly soulful voice. Some people call him the next James Blunt, which can mean a variety of things but I just think he's talented. And if you know me, you know that singer songwriters are typically not my thing (unlike guys under the legal drinking age apparently), so this means a lot.

I don't think his recorded songs do him justice, but this one is my favorite so check it out.

Paolo Nutini - Jenny Don't Be Hasty

At the very least, I think he could kick Teddy Geiger's ass (even though I sort of want to make out with Teddy Geiger for some reason. ho hum).

who needs a reason? not you buddy

stellar stars.