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back in mid-march i made the annual trek to good ol' austin, tx for sxsw (along with most of nyc, or so it seemed). nora had to stay behind to work or some crap, so i tried to cheer her up with grand promises of daily updates, photos, gossip and the like.

of course, i was too deaf, drunk, tired and/or nonplussed to ever actually follow through on any of that DURING the conference. then once i got home, i read review after review on every blog under the sun and felt inundated with 'memories' and highlights that were barely 24 hours old. i got utterly sick and tired of sxsw recapping and just gave up on the whole she-bang (yes, i said SHE-BANG).

but today, over a month later, i'm still listening to a band that made my sxsw experience extra special this year, so i guess now is as good of a time as any to tell y'all about them.

they are called AUTO ESCAPE, and i can't sing their praises enough! they are a 4-piece indie outfit hailing from a little town in texas called mckinney. their lineup includes a pair of super cute (which is apparently criteria for being mentioned in this blog lately) brothers on drums and vocals/guitar, and two other very talented, young and equally adorable boys on bass and guitar. these guys sound fantastic. hopefully we will get a taste of them in nyc soon.

but until then, here are my 2 favorite tracks from their ep, take a listen and let me know what you think:

white roses - AUTO ESCAPE
(this song is great, but you have to wait for it to 'hit'- takes a little over a minute so give it a chance)

falling asleep in the snow - AUTO EXPRESS

okay then, i'm off to eat pizza with goons... mmmmmm.


revisiting old friends

first axl rose at misshapes and now this?